Who Offers the Largest Realtor Commission Rebate for California Home Buyers?


Buyers don’t need to pay their agent a 2.5% commission

A California real estate broker does not need to be paid $50,000 from a home buyer’s new home purchase. Today, home buyers in CA can easily calculate how much of a commission their real estate agent / broker earns from their home purchase. As mortgage rates continue to rise in 2022 as a result of inflation, home buyers are looking for new ways to lower their interest rate and/or ‘earn’ a Realtor’s commission for themselves (most agents / brokers earn from 2.5% to 3.0% commission when they sell a home). Home buyers want to save money in the face of rising interest rates!

At YayPad, we know that, while agents provide great value in their service to buyers, Realtor commissions can be steep and there is room in the buyer’s agent commission to give back to the client! That’s why we rebate 50% of our Realtor commission back to our buyer clients as a standard offering. Other agencies provide buyer real estate credits to lower costs, but can they compete with our commission refund?

Other Than YayPad, Who Offers Buyer Commission Refunds?

Redfin agents provide all of the services of a traditional real estate agent, and offer the buyer ~0.4% cash back. For a $2,000,000 San Francisco Bay Area single-family home, that would represent a $8,000 commission rebate.

Open Listings (purchased by Opendoor) offered buyers 50% of their commission as a cash back incentive. For most Bay Area listings – which offer the buying agent 2.5% commission – that would be a 1.25% rebate to the buyer. For a $2,000,000 Bay Area single-family home, that would represent a $25,000 commission rebate. Unfortunately Open Listings is no longer an active real estate agency and Opendoor does not offer a 50% commission refund incentive to buyers. 

While there are other real estate commission rebate options, they are unfortunately outside of California. For example, Faira and Homey.

YayPad Still Offers the Best Buyer Commission Rebate Incentive in California

For buyers looking to save on their home purchase with a Realtor commission credit back (also called a “commission rebate” or “commission refund”) the best buyer’s option remains YayPad. When you buy with YayPad, you’ll receive a 50% commission rebate.

At YayPad, we always put our customers first. You’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into purchasing your dream home. Why should one pesky fee stand in your way? You should be rewarded for your hard work, not penalized!

By rebating 50% of our realtor commission, you will save thousands of dollars. To illustrate, let’s go back to our previous example. For your $800,000 property, your 50% commission refund can be calculated as:

$500,000 x 2.5% (agent commission) x 50% (your refund) = $10,000

YayPad’s industry-best commission refund will provide you with unmatched savings, and there’s no catch. We’re fully transparent with our pricing- click here to find out exactly how much you can save with YayPad. We’re on your side, and we want to help you purchase your dream home at the lowest possible cost.

Contact us today to get started.

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