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San Francisco, CA
Adell K. - $11,250 refund

YayPad has been invaluable in guiding me through my SF home-buying experience. The team helped me create multiple offers, guided me through an extremely harrowing closing process, and was a calm, responsive, and professional resource throughout!

San Jose, CA
Patricia T. - $10,500 refund

My husband and I recently closed on our first home and it was because of YayPad! We could not have been happier with the service! Thank goodness we had guidance through the process. Our buying agent listened to us, didn’t push any agenda but ours, and understood the market VERY well. The entire process from my initial phone call until we closed was such a smooth ride!!

San Francisco, CA​
Lukas F. - $13,750 refund

Our YayPad agent Tony has been key to help us find a home in San Francisco! He worked very detailed, made sure to listen to which kind of homes we were interested in, and supported us through multiple offers (such is the state of the market), until he found a house that was off-market and successfully got our offer accepted!”

Oakland, CA
Patrick S. - $10,675 refund

Our local YayPad agent worked with me over the course of three years while I came in and out of town looking for the perfect property. When I finally found it, my deal was complicated and my agent was the perfect agent partner to guide me through everything. I highly recommend working with YayPad.

Dublin, CA
Vito L. - $11,500 refund

During House purchase process, YayPad provided all information I needed on time and quickly. They actively contacted the seller’s agent and my mortgage agent to arrange everything from start to close. Excellent customer service!